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10G BaseT vs. 10G SFP+

Here are the reasons not to use 10G BaseT.  Depending on the size of the customer you are working with, some of these arguments may gain better traction than others. Power Consumption The first thing to point out is that … Continue reading

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EMC VNX5200 Power Options

When the VNX2 (VNX5200 through the VNX8000) first came out last year – they all required 200-240V AC.    This year (as of 2/2014) there is 100-120V support for the VNX5200 and VNX5400.  There are two tradeoffs I am aware … Continue reading

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Customer Installable

The words “Customer Installable” have been bandied about with great frequency in the IT industry in recent times. The term itself carries no warnings, caveats, nor implies the troubles that could lie ahead for the customer not properly briefed or … Continue reading

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