EMC VNX5200 Power Options

When the VNX2 (VNX5200 through the VNX8000) first came out last year – they all required 200-240V AC. 


This year (as of 2/2014) there is 100-120V support for the VNX5200 and VNX5400.  There are two tradeoffs I am aware of:


  1. 2 X 10Gb/e BaseT IO Module is not supported which I don’t see a lot of customers clamoring for anyway
  2. 208V offers lower weight of equipment due to ½ the copper needed, and arguably more efficient power use leading to lower overall electricity costs


In order to maintain redundancy of power, the customer must have (2) 208V power drops (or 200-240V).  If they have only one three phase drop they will need another one or use the 100-120V DPE.

EMC will claim that the cost to add three phase power is insignificant, but we all know that any extra costs associated with a project are significant to our customers… especially after the sale.


So in order to protect yourself, make sure that the customer has or is willing to provide (2) Three Phase power drops to the rack before you sell the higher power VNX.  Otherwise sell them the low power VNX.


If the part number has a ‘D’ – ex. VNX52DP62510F – That needs three phase power.

If the part number has a ‘V’ –  ex. VNX52VP62510F –  That is standard residential power (100-120V) as we see in many SMBs


Again, Low Power is only available in the VNX5200 and VNX5400 models.

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